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BenQ MW883UST WXGA Ultra-Weitwinkel

DLP, WXGA, 3300 ANSI-Lumen, 6,2 kg, HDMI, Smart Eco Modus, Ultra-Weitwinkelobjektiv

A classroom is a destination kids should look forward to. With that in mind, BenQ Education Projectors empower kids to lead the way and we all learn through the teaching process.

Benefits of PointWrite™ Interactivity
With BenQ PointWrite™ interactive projectors and QWrite software, students can take the lead in classrooms like never before. Bringing a new level of simplicity, ease and control to digital interaction solutions, BenQ projectors support flipped learning and true student engagement.

High Brightness
With a high brightness of 3,300 ANSI lumens, the projector can deliver clearer and sharper images and text even in large-sized classrooms with some ambient light.

Bringing Teachers and Students Closer
By expanding our education projector lineup to include a comprehensive selection of ultra short throw ranges - as short as 12cm for an 78" screen - BenQ facilitates uninterrupted up-close instruction.

Zero Space Constraints
Place ultra short throw projectors as close as 8cm from the screen so teachers can walk freely in front of the board without blocking the projection, creating fewer distractions from learning.

Write on Flat Surface
PointWrite™ works on flat surface - even on a desk - for multiple students to easily share and write on the same screen.

MultiTouch & MultiScreen Drawing
PointWrite™ projectors support up to four people writing together and up to two projectors together for making notes in QWrite whiteboard mode and increasing productivity.

Share and Learn with Wireless Presentation and Control
Many presentation-friendly features are incorporated in BenQ Education Projectors, including a compact device that allows users to stream documents, images and videos from a smartphone or computer to the big screen.

Connect the Way You Want - Without Wires
Connect a classroom PC, notebook or mobile device to a projector for high-definition video via Wi-Fi, eliminating messy cables with the use of a wireless dongle.

Corner Fit Correction
When mounting location and angle make it difficult to fit each corner perfectly into the frame, Corner Fit makes life easy by adjusting each corner independently.

Surface Fit Correction
Featured in select BenQ Education Projectors, Surface Fit supports projection on non-standard surfaces, such as concave or convex contours, expanding projection possibilities.

LAN Controlled Projector Management
LAN Control helps IT managers perform day-to-day projector maintenance and repair efficiently and effectively – offering full LAN access and control over every projector.

Centralized Broadcast
The LAN display function can broadcast synchronized content on up to 255 projectors at the same time from the IT station, a perfect solution for shared programming and common instruction.

Centralized Maintenance via LAN Upgrade
IT managers can upgrade all of the projectors on the network simultaneously via LAN, ensuring that the latest firmware is updated on each device.

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