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DLP, 5000 ANSI-Lumen, 1280x800 (WXGA), Kontr. 5000:1, V-Lens Shift, HDMI, MHL, 1.6x Zoom 2D Keystone-Korrektur, Corner Fit

Native WXGA-Auflösung
Der SW921 besitzt eine native WUXGA-Auflösung von bis zu 1280 x 800 Pixeln, um jede Präsentation ins perfekte Licht zu rücken.

Big Zoom 1.6X
1.6x Big Zoom feature frees up space with an impressive range of throw distances, giving you the flexibility of placing the projector without compromising your current decor.

Vertical Lens Shift
In case of any minor miscalculations during projector installation, the lens shift function can be used to adjust the position of the projected image to fit the projection screen without any sacrifice to image quality.

2D Keystone
2D keystone correction enhances installation flexibility by correcting the trapezoid effect via horizontal and vertical adjustments up to +-30 degrees. With it, the projector can be placed off center and the presenter can stand in front of the screen without blocking the image. The projector can also be placed anywhere on a u-shaped tabletop without moving the table or putting a stand in the center.

Corner Fit
Corner fit is a flexible and convenient way to align the picture perfectly by adjusting each corner of an image independently.

5000 ANSI Lumens
It doesn’t matter how large or brightly lit the conference room, presentations are always clear and sharp with 5000 ANSI lumens high brightness. So take advantage and enjoy perfect lights-on presentations with audience interaction and note-taking.

LAN Control
Designed to help IT managers perform day-to-day projector maintenance efficiently , LAN Control provides full access and control over networked projectors directly from IT workstations. The interface offers seamless support for Crestron, RoomView and PJ-Link LAN control systems. Upper Lamp Door.

MHL Connectivity
MHL connectivity allows you to share your audiovisual content from mobile devices on the big screen through MHL cable or dongle. Also, your device or dongle is charged while you're projecting from it, so you don't have to worry about battery life while presenting.

Powered USB
The USB port supplies power for wireless dongles to provide uninterrupted viewing.

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